News For Which You Have No Use: Dean & Britta at the Mod Club on Monday

I kind of lost interest in Luna over the last few albums – though I never stopped enjoying them live – and haven’t paid much attention to the whole Dean & Britta thing. That said, I liked the show more than I thought I would, & not just because the back end was stacked heavily with Galaxie 500 and early Luna numbers. Dean Wareham is still an unusually expressive guitar soloist, I think, and Britta has the pipes, man – she really showed ’em off on the highwire chorus of the Lee Hazelwood cover, “You Turned My Head Around.”

Plus their newer stuff has its moments – “Words You Used to Say,” from the new album, seems to have a typical airy drift, but you soon find it’s drifted right into the centre of your brain & stuck there. Their newer stuff also has plenty of wispy & samey moments, alas (which is what I had started to feel about Luna’s records), but the set was mostly a lean, hour-long cherrypicking of the more memorable tunes.

But getting back to those Galaxie 500 and early Luna numbers: “Strange,” “Tugboat,” “Chinatown,” “Tiger Lily,” “Bewitched,” “Bonnie and Clyde” (which, yes, is a cover, but it’s still Luna-identified, right?). That part actually felt a little weird/sad, like a tacit admission that nostalgia is a big part of the draw at this point. Though to be fair I guess it was, for me, anyway, since seeing Wareham sing “Strange” – for what I’m pretty sure was my first time ever, despite having been to six or seven Luna shows over the years – was definitely the highlight.

And while I’ve never been a fan of Wareham’s lyrics, “I stood in line and ate my Twinkies” is a pretty great one.

  • Galaxie 500, “Strange” (buy On Fire here)

Oh, and I saw the Pipettes on the weekend. Seven-word review: the Pipettes have got it goin’ on. (And I don’t mean that in some salacious or lecherous way.)

Also at the show, apparently, were people with cameras. In the near future, all human existence will be accessible immediately on YouTube.