Oh those Germans

A quick folo to the comment on the previous post re videos in Krakow.

A few years ago S and I were in Germany and between sightseeing were utterly bewitched by MTV Europe. They played lots of familiar American stuff, of course: Xtina & Timberlake et al. But there was also fascinating indigenous material; we learned, for example, that A-Ha and Nena had apparently continued to create and find audiences in or closer to their homelands. Some pleasant, wet-noodle Irish band whose name escapes me now was all over the airwaves. And there was some act called Sodastream that purveyed compelling-enough melancholia.

And tons of Eurotrash dance-pop, too. Some of it, I must say, startlingly good. Like this one, which I am still happy to listen to any time. Just try and sit motionless when that synth/bass line kicks in, I challenge you. You cannot. Or if you can I’d prefer not to know you.

  • Tok Tok vs Soffy O, “Day of Mine” (buy here)

And then there was this, which was unquestionably the most memorable viewing experience of the trip.

Band’s called Deichkind, which I assume means “Godchild,” [ALAS, IT DOES NOT. THANKS TO COMMENTER.] which is, I’m sure we’re all in agreement, perfect. My favourite parts are – of course – the scenes of the three heads floating in space. Especially when the samurai dude’s floating head turns toward the other floating heads and nods its support & encouragement.