Too Much Confusion Here

(Possible spoiler re Battlestar Galactica ahead, so stop reading now if you’re nervous. Though if you haven’t seen it I think the “spoiler” will just be garbled & incomprehensible. Like, even more than this blog usually is. Ba-dum-bum.)

I reviewed Joshua Ferris’s debut novel, Then We Came to the End, in theStar this week. Not sure what’s up with that headline – “Survival is so relative” seems rather gnomic to me. But what the hey.

In the Friends of Bury Me Not department, a painter has a painting blog. Really nice stuff. If we were both on MySpace we would be each other’s Friends, but we’ll have to settle for being real friends in the real world.

Moistworks, which is one of the very best mp3 blogs out there, is having its annual week of guest posts by authors. It kicks off with a candid personal essay about motherhood stress by Jenny Offill. Other contributors lined up for the week include not one but two who wrote great novels based on the Patty Hearst story – Susan Choi & Christopher Sorrentino – so I’m all aflutter already. (See Hearst, Patty: DW obsession with.)

Battlestar Galactica finale: holy crap! Is Bob Dylan the fifth and final Cylon? (That might explain a lot, actually. Ba-dum-bum.)

When Character X muttered “there must be some kind of way out of here,” my ears perked up in a vague recognition, and then when Character Y was ranting and said “[pause] there’s too much confusion [pause]” I actually recited the first verse of “All Along the Watchtower” to my fellow TV watcher (who, wisely, more or less ignored me). Even then, though, I figured I must surely be imagining things. Right? Nope – the sleeper-agent Cylons were actually activated with a classic rock anthem from Earth. I shit you not.

I’m still wrapping my head around that one. Could be the most audacious move yet, and this in a show that’s already jumped forward in time more than a year in the middle of an episode, for God’s sake. The general reaction to the insertion of Earthling pop culture has been furious revulsion, it seems, but the jury in my head is still out – I’m dying to see how it plays out. I mean, they are clearly en route to an Earth that’s likely close to our own, right? So maybe the song is a message from Earth. What’s the relationship of the Cylons to Earth? What kind of Cylons arethese, anyway, that apparently age and have kids? Is Starbuck a Cylon or what? Is Roslin? She was seizing up at the same time as the other four, even though she seemed to never hear the music and wasn’t summoned to the landing bay. And there were those communal dreams she was having with the two other Cylons.

Holy cow am I a nerd. But so be it.

Apartment Hunting in New York – Why I Chose Common Living

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I recently got a tattoo. Reaction from friends & loved ones has been varied: some people really dig it, while some are clearly bewildered. (My fave comment so far: “Keep your existential angst to yourself!” My second-fave: “I thought only young people got tattoos.”) Anyway, rather than get into too much rigmarole on an individual basis, I thought I’d put something up here by way of explanation.

So here goes.

My relationship with my own body has pretty much always been an adversarial one. There are health issues lifelong & recent, bothersome problems, etc. Doctors got files on me that bulge, man. Sometimes in particularly bleak moods I think that if I woke up one morning as a head floating in a jar, about the only thing I’d miss would be the sexytimes.

(Holy shit, how did this get so awkwardly confessional so fast? Jesus. If you’re quietly making your way to the exit at this point, I’ll pretend not to notice & I won’t blame you a bit.)

I don’t really know why most people get tattoos – novelty? lark? body as canvas? message to the world? But anyway I know I got mine mainly as an act of defiance. I wanted to engage this treacherous renegade in some way, to remind it that it has to deal with me. And also to remind myself that this flawed, frayed skin I wear is mine for good. That this is what I have to work with, for better or for worse.

Plus I had an epiphany recently that a tattoo doesn’t have to be an image. I’d wanted one for many years, but was always stymied trying to imagine a pictograph that I’d want to carry around for the rest of my life. But then – words! One after the other, arranged in a particular order! That got me going.

After that it was a no-brainer: a mad Irishman’s line that’s extremely famous & admittedly crazy overused, but that nevertheless, well, resonates a lot for me. I had it put on my inner left forearm, since it’s a message to myself & nobody else. Which is what I mean when I refer to it as “private,” as I have a few times in conversation. But when I say that I don’t mean “secret” or anything. After all, I’m writing about the thing right here, aren’t I? So:

News For Which You Have No Use: Dean & Britta at the Mod Club on Monday

I kind of lost interest in Luna over the last few albums – though I never stopped enjoying them live – and haven’t paid much attention to the whole Dean & Britta thing. That said, I liked the show more than I thought I would, & not just because the back end was stacked heavily with Galaxie 500 and early Luna numbers. Dean Wareham is still an unusually expressive guitar soloist, I think, and Britta has the pipes, man – she really showed ’em off on the highwire chorus of the Lee Hazelwood cover, “You Turned My Head Around.”

Plus their newer stuff has its moments – “Words You Used to Say,” from the new album, seems to have a typical airy drift, but you soon find it’s drifted right into the centre of your brain & stuck there. Their newer stuff also has plenty of wispy & samey moments, alas (which is what I had started to feel about Luna’s records), but the set was mostly a lean, hour-long cherrypicking of the more memorable tunes.

But getting back to those Galaxie 500 and early Luna numbers: “Strange,” “Tugboat,” “Chinatown,” “Tiger Lily,” “Bewitched,” “Bonnie and Clyde” (which, yes, is a cover, but it’s still Luna-identified, right?). That part actually felt a little weird/sad, like a tacit admission that nostalgia is a big part of the draw at this point. Though to be fair I guess it was, for me, anyway, since seeing Wareham sing “Strange” – for what I’m pretty sure was my first time ever, despite having been to six or seven Luna shows over the years – was definitely the highlight.

And while I’ve never been a fan of Wareham’s lyrics, “I stood in line and ate my Twinkies” is a pretty great one.

  • Galaxie 500, “Strange” (buy On Fire here)

Oh, and I saw the Pipettes on the weekend. Seven-word review: the Pipettes have got it goin’ on. (And I don’t mean that in some salacious or lecherous way.)

Also at the show, apparently, were people with cameras. In the near future, all human existence will be accessible immediately on YouTube.

Oh those Germans

A quick folo to the comment on the previous post re videos in Krakow.

A few years ago S and I were in Germany and between sightseeing were utterly bewitched by MTV Europe. They played lots of familiar American stuff, of course: Xtina & Timberlake et al. But there was also fascinating indigenous material; we learned, for example, that A-Ha and Nena had apparently continued to create and find audiences in or closer to their homelands. Some pleasant, wet-noodle Irish band whose name escapes me now was all over the airwaves. And there was some act called Sodastream that purveyed compelling-enough melancholia.

And tons of Eurotrash dance-pop, too. Some of it, I must say, startlingly good. Like this one, which I am still happy to listen to any time. Just try and sit motionless when that synth/bass line kicks in, I challenge you. You cannot. Or if you can I’d prefer not to know you.

  • Tok Tok vs Soffy O, “Day of Mine” (buy here)

And then there was this, which was unquestionably the most memorable viewing experience of the trip.

Band’s called Deichkind, which I assume means “Godchild,” [ALAS, IT DOES NOT. THANKS TO COMMENTER.] which is, I’m sure we’re all in agreement, perfect. My favourite parts are – of course – the scenes of the three heads floating in space. Especially when the samurai dude’s floating head turns toward the other floating heads and nods its support & encouragement.

Things Go Better

So my pop e-mailed me a list of songs that he’d like me to locate & burn for him. He wrote, “It’s nice to put a CD in the machine and only hear songs that you like.” Which I took to be an extremely polite way of saying, “No little surprises this time, OK? Keep that Devo shit off this one.”

This is one of the ones he asked for.

  • Joe Tex, “Ain’t Gonna Bump No More (with No Big Fat Woman)” (buyhere)

I love Joe Tex and all, but let’s face it, this is not one of his prouder moments.

It is the first Joe Tex song I ever heard, though, since Dad had and probably still has this on 45. He had boxes full of 45s when I was growing up and I listened to them all, which I imagine explains my lifelong weakness for trash pop, or, put more generously, my refusal to acknowledge cultural hierarchies. Today I think of his collection as a poignant memorial to the anything-goes spirit of Top 40 radio – I don’t think people realize how many kooky songs have found a place on the mainstream airwaves. Now, though, everything’s been scrubbed & sorted & separated into Soft Rock or Classic Rock or Modern Rock or EZ Lite or Urban Flow. I like it better when everything’s scrambled together. As good old Huck Finn would say: “In a barrel of odds and ends it is different; things get mixed up, and the juice kind of swaps around, and the things go better.”

Never Getting Anywhere

Was in a Hüsker Dü mood today and was reminded that side 2 of Candy Apple Grey is a song-suite that can stand up to any lofty Concept Album. And then there’s this one, from Warehouse. A song about futility (“poor bird flies up in the air, never getting anywhere”) but delivered with a rousing suckerpunch chorus. And though it’s Bob Mould’s tune, that chorus really soars on the wings of Grant Hart’s backing vocals. Which is kind of touching when you bear in mind that those two basically couldn’t stand each other by that point. To make something beautiful, you gotta rise above.